Website Design Before & After: Transitioning To BigCommerce

B2B eCommerce companies need a platform that provides a positive user experience. This includes factors such as mobile optimization and site speed. Groove was happy to assist this client in switching platforms.

Continue reading to learn more about Curtain Call’s website design and how we improved their eCommerce store.

Website Design Before and After Working with Groove

Curtain Call sells costumes and dance wear for recitals. Curtain Call’s parent company, Perform Group, hosted Curtain Call’s website on Magento before we joined them. Due to site speed and page load times issues, they often had to resort to Groove Commerce for help.

The Challenge

Design of Websites Outdated

Curtain Call’s website design before they started using Groove was out of date. It made it difficult to update the site regularly and also made it difficult for Curtain Call to maintain the website. Their website was designed to focus on catalogs and they wanted it to be more web-oriented. Optimizing their eCommerce store was essential to allow their team to make changes as needed.

Before we started working with our team, here’s the Curtain Call home page.


Website Was Not Optimized For Mobile

Optimizing eCommerce websites for mobile can help improve the customer experience. Curtain Call’s original website was not mobile friendly. It was not easy to use and did not load as quickly as other websites.

The Solution

Curtain Call needed to migrate their eCommerce platforms. We conducted a thorough BigCommerce review that helped us find the best solution. We seamlessly moved their Magento store to BigCommerce and optimized it for their customers.

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Custom Design

Curtain Call’s banners are updated regularly by the team, so we decided to create a custom design that can be modified by their team.

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Our team created the framework to allow Curtain Call to update their website design. Their team is able to make changes and add new features to their website independently.

Here’s Curtain Call’s homepage as it looks now:


Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Curtain Call realized a key advantage to moving to BigCommerce. The SaaS platform was designed to handle large eCommerce orders. Their customers have large shopping carts that they use over time. This made it slower to load pages when Magento was used.

We optimized Curtain Call’s website for mobile shoppers. Mobile pages load much faster on mobile devices, so shoppers can find what they are looking for quicker.

This is how the site looks on mobile.


User Testing On Product Detail Pages & Bulk Ordering

A bulk order form was created on product detail pages. This allows buyers to place large orders. We then conducted user testing to determine which product pages offer the best user experience.

Curtain Call’s product details pages now display the inventory status of a product. This is something that was difficult to do on Magento. To ensure a positive customer experience, we used the IBM iSeries Integration to display exact inventory amounts and expected delivery times on product pages.

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Below is a screenshot of one of their new product detail pages. Important to remember that Curtain Call sells B2B products. Customers must create an account to view the prices.



“We were able to enhance our eCommerce experience and promote products in new, exciting ways by working with Groove Commerce. We were able add new features to the store which allowed us to provide better service to our online audience .”


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