The Complete Online Toolkit to Help Your Business Grow

The Complete Online Toolkit to Help Your Business Grow

It is true that a business or company is only as good its employees. The novel coronavirus is threatening the foundation of the workforce, changing the work landscape and changing the way we do business. Individuals and businesses alike are finding innovative solutions to meet market demands as a lot of companies shift their focus online.

We have created a comprehensive digital toolkit to help you navigate these ever-changing times. This comprehensive guide will help you grow and manage your brand online, no matter if you are just starting your online business or looking to expand your online presence.

This is what the toolkit contains:

  • Online business
  • How to manage your online business
  • Promotion of your online business
  • Empowering your online community
  • Create and share your content
  • Remote working
  • Stay productive
  • Inspiration

Taking Your Business Online

A selection of professional templates

We recommend creating your website as a first step to getting your business online. You can start building your online presence today by choosing a template designed by a professional. You can customize the template you choose to create your website , portfolio or online store .

How do you create a professional website

This guide will walk you through each step of creating a website. This guide will help you understand the details and technicalities of creating a website. It also recommends branding and marketing strategies that will ensure your site is well-known online. You will learn the basics of website design and visitor engagement strategies.

Homepage design inspiration

The homepage of your website is the page visitors first see. It doesn’t matter if you want to build brand awareness or attract new clients, a great first impression is essential. These 25 examples will inspire you to create your own unique homepage.

Create your brand identity

A business’s success depends on its brand identity. It is the identity that embodies the brand’s vision, values and goals. Learn more about the importance and how you can create your own brand identity. This includes the steps needed to define who you are and then to translate theory into practice.

Website color schemes

Color plays a major role in website design. Color psychology also demonstrates how colors can be used to evoke emotions. Here are 50 websites featuring eye-catching color schemes.

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Logo design tips

Your logo is a key part of your brand identity. It appears on nearly all marketing materials. It can be difficult to create a logo that captures the essence and spirit of your company. These tips will assist you in taking your branding efforts to the next step. They cover everything, from the initial soul-searching phase through to the final touches of creating your logo.

Instructions for your Wix website

Your online presence is more than simply publishing a website. This series of 20 tutorials will guide you through Wix’s most important tools. They cover everything from optimizing your website for SEO to creating a multilingual site and setting up online payment.

Create virtual events

Take your events online, as guests are often unable to attend large gatherings. You can sell tickets, keep your business afloat, and provide your guests with innovative and engaging experiences. This guide will help you decide which platforms to use and how to promote your virtual event.

Managing Your Online Business

Make your website more modern

Your professional website can be the difference between a good brand and one that is outdated. You can make small tweaks to your website or make large-scale changes that will ensure that they are always at the top. Site visitors should be informed of any changes that you make to your business, such as new services and different shipping schedules.

Live chat to your business

It is possible to build trust and reliability by being proactive in communicating with clients. Live chat is a great way to establish relationships with your customers.

Companies in light of coronavirus

While many businesses still provide excellent services to customers, they adapt to changing market and landscapes. These guidelines and precautionary steps can be used to safeguard your business and clients, online and offline, whether you are a host or a manager of a shop or restaurant.

Event Businesses & Coronavirus

The most affected businesses are those that host events. Events that are unable to take place right now must be moved online, postponed or cancelled and refunded. These are the options available to you while still keeping your guests updated.

Online stores & coronavirus

These times present unique challenges for online stores. You need to manage everything related to your eCommerce website. This includes gaining customer trust and finding solutions for inventory stock changes, canceled orders, and other issues. This article will help you to manage your eCommerce business.

Bookings Businesses & coronavirus

Many services are no longer possible. Online bookings are required if your business is based on appointment or booking models. All other services must be cancelled, rescheduled or refunded. This guide will assist you in communicating with clients clearly and taking the right steps.

Best practices for managing refunds & chargebacks

Many businesses are affected by cancellations of events or services. This can result in a rise in refund requests. Find out how to avoid negative account balances by learning best practices about handling chargebacks and refunds.

Promoting your Online Business

Useful marketing tools to help you grow your business

Marketing is constantly changing. It becomes more complex and multifaceted. It is crucial to have a solid online marketing strategy that supports your brand in light of current events. We’ve collected a number of powerful tools that you can use to boost your promotion efforts in this article.

Promote you website for free!

These 10 free ways to promote and advertise your website are not for sale. Are you looking to spread the word via social media? Free. Create your blog for free. It’s also free. These are affordable and easy strategies to build your online presence.

How do you create a professional landingpage

Online businesses need landing pages to drive traffic to their website. They can be used to encourage users into subscribing, downloading your ebook, or purchasing from your online store. Although the idea of creating one may seem daunting, these templates and tips will make it easy.

Social media marketing 101

Social media has become more relevant than ever and allows people around the globe to stay connected via their social media accounts. Engaging posts on Facebook and Twitter will ensure that your brand is part the conversation. This resource provides comprehensive information on a variety of social media promotion strategies.

Search easily on Google

It’s crucial that people can find your business online when they search for it. It’s not easy to improve your website’s ranking in Google search results. However, there are many tools that can help you do this. This step-by-step guide will show you how to improve your website’s rank. It covers everything you need to know, from selecting the best keywords and optimizing your site for mobile.

Designing an email newsletter

Email marketing can be a powerful tool to reach out directly to your client base. But how do you make sure it’s engaging and relevant for your audience? A beautiful and eye-catching design is important in addition to a compelling subject line, body, and copy. These design tips, as well as these amazing real-life newsletter examples will help you to get started with your newsletter.

Empowering your Online Community

How do you write a blog post

By creating a blog you can connect with readers around the world by sharing valuable content with them. This step-by-step guide will show you how to create a blog post. It also contains blog post examples that can be used for various topics.

Beautiful blog design examples

These beautiful examples of blog design will inspire you to share your stories, experiences, and knowledge with the rest of the world.

Create a forum

Online forums allow like-minded people to connect and share their knowledge, as well as support one another’s growth. Get started today by learning how to build your own online community using Wix Forum.

The best practices for a forum

People are the key to any forum’s success. You must focus on the needs and wants of the people you are talking to in order for your forum to thrive. These best practices will help you to nurture your project, and create a vibrant online community.

Tips to grow an online community

Today’s businesses need online communities. These communities can help drive sales, increase customer retention, and foster brand loyalty. Find out how to build and nurture an engaged community around the business.

Sharing and Creating Your Content

Start a podcast

Podcasting is an excellent way to connect with your audience far away. All you need is a microphone and some audio equipment. Podcasts allow you to entertain and inform listeners, while also creating a close-knit community around the brand.

Create an webinar

Create a webinar to share your knowledge, no matter how it is recorded or live-streamed, for paid or unpaid. A webinar is a great way to share your passions with your audience and position yourself as an expert in your field.

Create new blog ideas

Effective marketing strategies include sharing your industry knowledge and offering valuable advice to your readers. These blog post ideas are great for any business, whether they be inspirational or informative.

Discover other website ideas

This comprehensive list will help guide you in your search for the right website to fit your needs.

Continue to produce quality content

Your content strategy should be spiced up to keep your audience interested and engaged. You can incorporate unexpected angles to your website, blog, and other media – including sharing customer stories and using hashtags creatively.


Tips for working at home

Many of us struggle to get back in the flow and remain productive as we work from home. With daily chores interfering with work and work taking up too much of our time, the line between personal and professional life becomes blurred. These top tips will help keep you on track and allow you to stay focused while working, with plenty of time for relaxation later.

How do you manage remote employees

Managers and team leaders know that working remotely can be difficult. However, these simple-to-implement strategies can make it easier. Make sure you clarify your expectations and set goals for the team. Also, make use of communication channels such as team chats, video conference, and other.

Staying Productive

Tips for managing your time

Working from home presents a challenge in that you must make sure your time is used wisely. It’s easy for people to lose track of their time and get distracted without the familiarity of a regular job. These 20 tips will help to take control of your day by helping you set goals and make healthy choices.

Daily Habits of Successful People

Hectic times can feel overwhelming and can add significant stress to your day. There are some habits that you can use to improve your mood, health, and ability to succeed in times like these. You can take a look at the top habits of successful people and incorporate them into your daily routine.

Time Management Apps

Technology plays an integral part in our daily lives, from working remotely to communicating our loved ones. It makes sense that we turn to technology when we have trouble coordinating our lives. These 20 apps will help you maximize your time and focus, increase productivity and reduce stress.


Motivational podcasts

It can be difficult to stay motivated. Sometimes all it takes to stay motivated is a little encouragement. These podcasts can help you get the motivation you need to succeed in your work assignments, career transitions, or just build your confidence. They might help you feel better and get ahead.

Motivational quotes

This selection of 100 motivational quotations will help you empower yourself. These quotes include wise words from Nelson Mandela, Maya Angelou, Vivienne Westwood, and other inspiring figures.


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