Get inspired by 8 best WhatsApp marketing campaigns

Here’s a challenge: ask your family and friends if they know WhatsApp. You’re unlikely to find someone who doesn’t at least haven’t heard of it, or even knows what it is. It is likely that everyone uses it to communicate with one another and at work.

This shows just how popular WhatsApp can be as a marketing channel. Brands are making use of it.

However, just because WhatsApp messages are more popular than other messaging apps, it doesn’t mean that you should stop sending generic, boring and sales-oriented messages.

One person had correctly stated, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like it.”

You need to come up with new ideas.

We have examples of campaigns that were successful by brands across different categories if you are looking for inspiration. Let’s go!

Campaign by Unilever: “I’ll Bring You Back Your Loved Clothes”

Unilever, a multinational consumer goods company, has created more than 400 brands.


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Unilever wanted Comfort, its brand of fabric softener in Brazil, to be launched at a low price in 2019. They were therefore looking for a unique and innovative messenger marketing strategy.


The brand placed more than 10,000 billboards in Sao Paulo, with the message “I’ll Bring You Back Your Loved Clothes” and a WhatsApp number.

A chatbot named “MadameBot”, which was displayed on the number, gave tips to people who messaged it. It gave tips and also showed people new products through videos and images. People were also given a 50% discount and free shipping at the end.


  • Sales increased 14x. This is enough evidence to show the effectiveness of this method!
  • We received 290K messages, from 12000 unique customers

How did they do this?

It’s easy to set up chatbots for WhatsApp when you combine WhatsApp business API and platforms that allow you create them. WhatsApp lets you send text, images and videos to your contacts. This makes it simple to have interactive conversations.

You can have real humans intervene between chats if necessary.


S-Bahn Munich Selfie Competition

S-Bahn (Schnellbahn or city rapid train) is an urban-suburban rail system that serves a metropolitan area in German-speaking countries.


S-Bahn upgraded its trains and wanted commuters to know about it. They also wanted to encourage more people to use public transport.


They used WhatsApp instead of displaying banners on stations.

Commuters were required to take a photo in modernized S-Bahn trains and send it via WhatsApp using the keyword “selfie” to a number displayed on many trains & stations.

This placed the winner in a lucky draw that offered a chance of winning a handsome prize. The winning selfies were also featured in an online gallery at S-Bahn Munich magazine.


They collected:

  • 250+ selfies
  • Many mentions of the revamp on social media
  • More awareness was generated by mentions of the campaign in various publications and on websites.
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Mario Schmid, DB Regio AG – S-Bahn Munich said that the success of the selfie campaign was due to the user interface, image feature, and ability to create a WhatsApp chatbot.

Absolut Vodka “Doorman At The Party” Campaign

Absolut Vodka, a premium brand of vodka from Southern Sweden, is a top-selling brand.


Absolut vodka wanted to launch their limited edition vodka to Argentina. The goal was to increase brand awareness. They wanted to try conversational marketing and interact with the audience. Absolut Vodka isn’t known for being too conversational.

They had to think outside the box.


Absolut Vodka launched the campaign “Unique Access” via WhatsApp. They promised two tickets to the winners of their campaign and announced a huge celebrity party.

Sven was the doorman at the party. Sven was contacted via WhatsApp by people who wanted to invite them to the party. People quickly discovered that Sven is difficult to convince. They came up with creative ways to convince him. They sent photos, videos and songs as well as voice notes asking for tickets.


After three days of chat with users, Absolut vodka was finally received.

  • Social media buzz
  • Over 1,000 messages, videos and images (user-generated material) From fans
  • 600 new contacts

All this was possible with just a sim card and a phone!

ADAC “Don’t Call Mom” campaign

ADAC, a German automobile club, provides roadside assistance for its members.


ADAC had 20,000,000 loyal customers, but the younger audience didn’t connect as well as older generations. They wanted to be relevant with the younger audience who didn’t yet own a car. They launched their first digital campaign, of which WhatsApp was an integral component.


ADAC launched the WhatsApp campaign “Don’t Call Mom — Call ADAC” on WhatsApp. ADAC wanted to create a hotline for young people and welcome them to ask any questions. Any question, even those they don’t know the answer to or shouldn’t be bothered with, is welcome. Questions like how to handle heartbreak or how to care about a pet cat were asked.


They made 20 ADAC experts the’mom’ and they replied to every message for 14 hours on WhatsApp. These messages generated more buzz by inviting influencers to also reply to WhatsApp.


ADAC earned $6000 during the 6-week campaign.

  • 20 Million impressions on the campaign video
  • 140,000 messages

This is how the largest automobile club was able get in touch the population below the age of 30.

WhatsApp software can be used to achieve this

WhatsApp Business API with shared inbox functionality, so all 20 ADAC specialists can manage the incoming messages without having to deal with all the pressure and without missing any message.

DelightChat provides similar functionality through its shared inbox, where you can assign messages to different members.

Register today to give DelightChat’s WhatsApp Marketing Software a shot!

Persil Kufua Expert Campaign

Henkel’s laundry detergent manufacturer Persil is the leading brand of Persil.


Henkel’s wanted Persil to be launched to increase consumer familiarity, improve interaction between the brand’s consumers, and build a loyal following.

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People were asked to send 15 second videos via WhatsApp of their top washing tips. The top tips were then given Persil hampers and rewarded. It was designed to make the consumer feel like they were part of the brand.


Maggi Germany, Chef In Your Kitchen Campaign

Maggi is a popular brand of instant soups and seasonings that can be found all over the globe.


Maggi wanted to increase brand recognition, but not by shouting its name from high-rise buildings but by being part people’s everyday lives so that they could remember the brand if it appeared anywhere.


Maggi developed a free virtual cooking program entirely via WhatsApp. They wanted to connect with customers of all ages and support them in their culinary journeys.


Kim, a virtual assistant powered by WhatsApp, delivered the curriculum. They provide step-by-step instructions and answer questions. Customers can also share videos to demonstrate specific cooking techniques.


Kim Maggi discovered that the virtual assistant powered by WhatsApp had produced the following results three months after its launch:

  • In the first 8 weeks, there were 200,000 messages.
  • Standard Ad Recall: 4.2 points increase
  • Campaign awareness – 3-point increase

Hellmann’s “WhatsCook” campaign


Hellmann’s recognized that many people in their target audience didn’t know how to cook with the ingredients they had. The brand wanted to be there for them and help to build positive brand associations.


Hellmann created the first live recipe service using WhatsApp. To connect with the chefs, all you had to do to register was to use their website. Photographs of ingredients could be sent to chefs for them to recommend recipes with Hellmann mayonnaise. Chefs would send images and videos if something wasn’t clear through text.

The campaign was launched in Brazil, where WhatsApp is the most popular social media platform. This campaign cost $900. Let’s look at the ROI of a $900 investment.


Hellmann was astonished by the ‘delicious” numbers he saw after the 10-day campaign.

  • The service was signed up by 50% of all site visitors
  • 5million people contacted the brand directly
  • People have found new uses for Hellmann’s mayonnaise
  • 500 new Hellman-inspired recipes were created

Flipkart’s “A Personal Shopper Campaign”

Flipkart, an Indian ecommerce platform, offers a wide range of products, including books, electronics and apparel.


Flipkart wanted excitement for Big Billion Days, its online sales. They wanted to reach as many people as possible in an engaging way.


Flipkart introduced an automated chatbot that can assist customers in their shopping experience. But they also added the wow factor by combining it with Bollywood’s most famous movie star, Amitabh Bachchan.


They used all of the communication formats that WhatsApp provides, including audio, video, and emojis, to create rich-media interactions.

Customers can also find out more information via puzzles or emoji-enabled gaming within WhatsApp


The numbers proved that WhatsApp Marketing works in just 2 weeks. These are the results compared to when they weren’t using WhatsApp.

  1. Conversions up to 3.5X
  2. Based on their time on the platform, 7X more high-quality users are available
  3. Revenue of $2.5 Million USD
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Find out more: Guidelines & Tips on WhatsApp Promoal Messages to learn how to best use them in your marketing strategy.

Use WhatsApp API to create successful WhatsApp campaigns

There are limitations to what you can do when running a customer campaign on WhatsApp Business App or personal WhatsApp. These limitations prevent you from creating chatbots, cannot send broadcasts to more people than 256 at once, and can’t be logged into more than 2 devices simultaneously.

WhatsApp Business API allows you to create and manage a chatbot, inbox, and automate tasks. This will allow you to execute WhatsApp campaigns on a large scale. It is also important to have a way to create personalized WhatsApp messages that reflect your brand’s voice.

Only a handful of official WhatsApp Business Service Providers are able to grant you access the WhatsApp Business API. DelightChat is one of these providers and offers a WhatsApp Business API pricing to brands. There is no additional cost to get your first WhatsApp number, and you can also purchase additional numbers for an additional fee.

It’s also a platform that allows you to manage your WhatsApp marketing campaigns easily. We offer free Green Tick Verification to all of our brands.

Let’s see what DelightChat can do.

DelightChat is a WhatsApp Marketing Automation and Team Inbox tool.

WhatsApp API with DelightChat allows you to use the following features and create a marketing strategy. You can also provide excellent customer service via WhatsApp.


In the WhatsApp Business App you can set up basic auto-responders, such as a greeting message for customers who first message you. You can also set an away message to send outside of business hours.

Automated WhatsApp Notifications

You can use WhatsApp API to send automated notifications and set up your customers, such as:

WhatsApp: Shared Team Inbox

You can use DelightChat’s shared inbox to:

  • You can manage conversations using the API number by using a shared Inbox for WhatsApp.
  • Keep track of which team member is involved in which conversations
  • Private notes on chats can ensure seamless ticket transfer from one agent to another
  • Quick-reply templates make it easy to quickly respond to common questions

WhatsApp Broadcast

You can use the official WhatsApp API and DelightChat to:

  • Send WhatsApp broadcast messages up to 100,000 people per day. You can personalize these messages by using variables, without having to enter any personal information.
  • Your contacts don’t need to save your number in order to send them a broadcast.
  • Multiple logins can be created simultaneously for your team
  • Schedule broadcast at a later time

Every day, 175M people send a message to a business account via WhatsApp. Are you part or at the expense of your competition?

To get started, sign up to receive a free demo of DelightChat and we’ll assist you in setting up your WhatsApp marketing campaigns.


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