Email Marketing Strategy: How To Attract, Engage & Delight Subscribers

The right content. The right audience. The right time.

This concept is a challenge for many eCommerce marketers. It is no longer a burden to provide the right content at the right time to the right people in the buyer’s journey.

An optimized eCommerce email marketing strategy will help you attract more leads, engage more contacts, and convert them to customers quickly.

Email Marketing Strategy Tips

Attracting prospects and leads

Use a Lead Capture Tool

To convert more leads into prospects, you can jumpstart your email marketing strategies by using a lead capture tool like Justuno. Pop-ups can be displayed on your website and allow visitors to sign up for emails or newsletters. To trigger the popup only when you need it, use a lead capture tool. Exclude certain URLs, show pop-ups after a specific time on a page, or target users based on their geographical location. You can set many rules that will help eCommerce merchants get the leads they desire.

Offer incentives

Incentives on pop-up forms can help you attract more subscribers to your email list. You can offer incentives that are valuable to your target audience, such as a discount for the first time, a giveaway, or a free piece of content, such a case study, video course, checklist, and more.

Participate in a Giveaway or Contest

95% of marketers believe that social media has helped them increase their exposure. Run a giveaway or promotion contest to get your brand in front people you might not otherwise reach. You can share the giveaway on all your social media platforms and inform your followers that they must subscribe to your email list in order to enter. This will help you increase your social media followers and earn more email subscribers.

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Engaging Subscribers

Segment Lists

To segment subscribers according to their demographics and interests, we recommend creating multiple lists. When creating lists, be sure to consider your buyer personas. If you don’t have buyer personas yet, then create the behavior of the different personalities in your target audience. What are their uses for your product/services? What are their goals for your product/service What problem can your product/service solve?

Once you have established buyer personas, you can create multiple lists with your CMS to allow you to run targeted campaigns and promotions for each buyer persona. You can also create segments for customers, subscribers, and leads to make promotions more relevant to each audience.

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Personalize your messages

You can personalize emails for subscribers using a CMS such as HubSpot and an email marketing tool such Klaviyo. HubSpot allows you to use personalization tokens in email messages to send an entire email list the same email, while personalizing certain parts of it – like the recipient’s name, company name and revenue.

Klaviyo allows you to greet each visitor to your website with personalized flyouts and pop-ups. You can use location targeting, segment, URL, profile and segment targeting, or create flyers. To avoid interrupting your users’ experience, delay popups based upon time on page, scroll percent and exit intent. Instead, you can gain more subscribers.

A great way to personalize messages is to remind subscribers when they abandon their shopping cart, and then to suggest products based on past purchases. Automated workflows can help you achieve this.


Create flows that send emails to contacts who meet certain criteria. The criteria should be based on your goals. If you want to send an email drip campaign that targets shoppers who abandoned a product from their shopping cart but did not purchase it, set the criteria to ensure the abandoned cart indicator is “yes.” The trigger for a KIaviyo abandoned shopping cart flow is “when someone started checking out.” This HubSpot abandoned Cart Workflow blog has great visuals to help you build a workflow and capture those who have left something behind in your cart.

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Automation can be used to remind customers to abandon their carts. It can also be used to follow up with those who have purchased or downloaded content such as a webinar. To enhance your email marketing strategy, tailor messages to the content and engage your audience through the buyer’s journey.

Emails for A/B Testing

A/B testing different parts of your email can increase open rates and click-through rate. To determine how the changes affect performance, only test one component at a given time. You can increase open rates by A/B testing emails to test different subject lines. You can also test the effects of changing button colors, copy, or CTAs on click-through rates. You will send the email that performs best over a period of time to the rest on your list.

Customer delight

You can use a customer loyalty program

No matter if you sell consumer goods or services, customers will be delighted long after they have purchased. Your sales team should be asking customers questions to ensure they are able to cross-sell or up-sell products and services that will meet their needs.

A customer loyalty program can be a great way for customers to return. Customers can track points using a progress bar and see how much they have to spend in order to unlock the next reward. Offer VIP customers exclusive discounts and other incentives. Offer a unique offer to both the new customer as well as the person who referred them.

It is important to create a customer loyalty program that excites customers and subtly encourages them to spend more. They’ll be more likely to open your emails and spend more money, as well as return to your physical store or website to make future purchases.

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Honor Their Milestones

Email marketing strategies that work well include celebrating customers and making them feel valued. To reward customers for their first year of shopping with you, use data from your customer loyalty program. To entice customers to buy, send them an email with a unique discount code or offer a gift for free (that is affordable for you company). Brands should make their customers feel special through email, as well as social media.

Celebrate your customers’ birthdays. Birthday emails have a 481 percent higher transaction rate, 432% more revenue per email, and a 179% greater unique click rate than promotional emails. You’re missing serious revenue if you don’t take advantage of your customers’ birthday months.

Send helpful videos

Finally, make sure to delight your customers after purchase by sending them helpful “how-to” videos. If you sell DIY products or products that the customer must set up, these videos can be extremely helpful. It will be appreciated by your customers when they discover they need additional instructions to put together a five-star-rated meal at home.


Email marketing has been a huge success for our clients. It’s one of the best tools we have found to increase revenue. The Groove Commerce team is here to help you attract, engage, and delight customers.


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