Design And Development Essentials To Drive Conversions

Do you want to redesign or build an eCommerce website? Perhaps you are looking to take your brick-and mortar store online but don’t have the necessary knowledge about eCommerce development. You are in the right place, good news!

This blog will share some tips that can help you improve your eCommerce store.

Design and development: How to Enhance Your Website

It is important to optimize your eCommerce store for your audience. This will help you create a memorable online shopping experience and decrease your bounce rate. These are some tips that will help you prepare for the design and creation of your eCommerce website.

  1. All web pages should be optimized
  2. Determine the functionality required to run smoothly
  3. Invest in the best eCommerce platform

Optimize all web pages

Your eCommerce store’s design and development should be optimized to create a positive user experience. One of my biggest complaints about websites is the difficulty in navigation or the need to pinch and zoom on my mobile. Let’s face it, your audience will abandon your website if it is hard to navigate. Optimize every page on your website to convert visitors.

Home Page

The homepage of a website is the most important page for an eCommerce business. It is likely that home pages will have the highest traffic but lowest conversions. Use a unique value proposition (UVP), which places this and other useful information at the top of the page, to encourage conversion and guide users through the website experience. Site search is available to help people find the information they need. Unique calls-to-action (CTAs), are used to direct visitors to the pages that you want.

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Landing Pages

Are you running a campaign? You want to get more leads? Increase form submissions and content downloads to generate more leads. You have the answer with landing pages.

eCommerce landing page is a great way increase customer trust, session duration, and conversions. When creating landing pages, make sure you use clear headlines, have your logo at the top of the page, and include images, infographics, and videos.

Make sure to include a clear CTA to encourage visitors to take the next steps. Unique CTAs are key to high-converting landing pages. They encourage conversion and prevent confusion. CTAs make it easy for brands to make a good first impression with new visitors.

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Product pages

Optimizing eCommerce product pages is essential to ensure seamless browsing and checkout. Are you unsure where to begin? Use high quality product photography. We recommend that you hire a professional to help with these photos. The results will be amazing.

Next, make sure you show product availability. Display information on the product page if an item is out-of-stock or if there are only a limited number. This will make shopping online easier and save customers from disappointment at checkout.

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A great practice is to include testimonials and reviews on product pages. It’s natural for people to want to hear from their peers before they invest in a product. You might consider including reviews from previous customers, such as 5 stars. Although your company might not like every review, honest testimonials can increase trust between repeat buyers and first-time buyers.

Find out the Functionality Required To Run Successfully

Prior to designing and building your website, you should outline the most essential elements. This should not be a list of desired functionality. It should include the most important functionality that is essential to your website’s success or preventing it from becoming unusable.

You might be asking, “Why do I need to outline this?” This list will help you choose the right platform for your business, when it comes time to compare all options. Let’s assume that a merchant decides to use BigCommerce. To function effectively, they may require the standard features of BigCommerce such as shipping rules and payment gateways. Moreover, it is important to understand your business’s priorities in website functionality and features. This will assist you during design and development.

Invest In The Right eCommerce Platform

It doesn’t matter if you are moving your brick-and mortar store to eCommerce or looking to migrate eCommerce platforms. You need to make sure you choose the right platform for your business. Do your research on the different platforms that are available, and don’t just pick one. For instance, understand the difference between Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms and on-premise solutions.

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SaaS eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify host content for companies. These platforms are often recommended to clients. SaaS is often the best option because websites can be designed, developed and launched much faster. They can also integrate with other CRM and ERP systems.

On-premise solutions like Magento require a server, and merchants are charged separately for features such as security, hosting, and database space. These solutions also come with long-term, recurring fees such as software updates, patches, and development costs.

To help you decide between SaaS and on-premise solutions, this Magento Guide will show you the pros and cons of each.


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