12 Tips for eCommerce Website Design

12 Tips for eCommerce Website Design

How can I sell more? This is the question that everyone has asked since the beginning. This is why it’s not surprising that the Internet has taken this problem to the Internet. Source: Selz. The Web is now “the place to shop (a merchant). We are sure you wouldn’t be surprised if we said that the competition is fierce. Every website owner knows this. However, being an online shop owner is faced with two challenges.

You may not be able to lose your unique product to the sea of competitors if it is truly exceptional. This article will help you if you do have competitors. We’re going to show you how to create a profitable eCommerce website. This can be achieved by many elements, including the user experience, promotional offers, and the actual product or service. However, studies have shown that one element is crucial to making a difference. It’s the design of your eCommerce website. Your site’s structure and how visitors navigate from the homepage to the payment section will have a huge impact on the user’s experience. A simple thing as a free delivery icon can make or break a client’s decision to buy. We have compiled the top eCommerce website design tips for a successful online store, starting with the homepage and ending with the shopping cart.

01. Show your Address and Hours of Operation

It’s frustrating for website visitors to have to search for contact information. It can be enough to drive a site visitor away. You can avoid this by making sure your contact information is easily visible on every page. This shouldn’t stop you from creating an “About” page where all of this information, and more, can be repeated. A great bonus if you own a physical store is to include the address along with a customizable Google Maps widget so customers can find you anywhere they want.

02. Showcase Your Categories at the Top Of the Page

It shouldn’t be necessary to remind Internet users that they don’t like to search for obvious information. All important information should be prominently displayed so that it is easy to find. Let’s get to the point. Your homepage should contain clearly defined categories for your products. If you are a clothing designer, your products could be categorized according to the items they contain. You could make a slideshow that customers can scroll through to view your top sellers and latest additions. This will help your customers understand your products better. You can also add animation to your website with this element.

03. Highlight your competitive advantages

Don’t be shy. There’s no reason for you to hide a great service. Highlight the aspects of your business that are unique to you. If a potential client is hesitant about taking the final step, a free delivery option or no-questions-asked refund policy can help ease their mind. It’s a good idea to highlight your strengths and prominently display them on your website. This doesn’t have to be a large image. A simple icon with a few words will suffice. This is so that clients will immediately understand why you are better than a competitor.

04. Make a detailed menu

Your menu is a guide for visitors. The menu should be on every page, so customers can find any category they are looking for from anywhere on your site. A frozen menu will reduce scrolling and allow customers to scroll indefinitely. This is why it’s important to ensure that you don’t leave any page out and arrange your pages in a logical way.

05. Visually emphasize specials and promotions

You can make your latest products stand out by giving them extra attention through colors and lightboxes. This will encourage customers to be more interested in your product offerings. This can be a great way to showcase old stock and create buzz about your latest collection. Are you looking for additional help in this area? This is your chance! This guide will show you how to make a profitable sales campaign for your eCommerce website .

06. Add customer testimonials

Many savvy customers know that they look for reviews from other customers before making any purchase decision. Influence Central reports that 90% of consumers believe an online review is better than any input from sales professionals. This is why you should make it easy for future clients to include customer reviews on your product pages. This will show your customers that you are transparent and trustworthy. This important feature is demonstrated in examples from eCommerce websites.

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07. GIFs can replace your images

Are you able to offer the same product in different colors? GIFs can be used to showcase your stock. Because they can be interactive and show products from different angles, this file type makes a great choice. This feature should not be overused. Consider your customer’s eyes! One or two GIFs should be placed on every product page. To capture the best images of your products, make sure to check out our product photography guide.

08. Let your customers know how they can contact you

While you may already have FAQ and a contact page, you should add a live chat option such as Wixchat along with your phone number and email address to your product page. Why? It is a great way to show your visitors that you are a real company with people who are willing to help you with any problem you might have. Your customers will be able to reach you by displaying their contact information. Customers are more likely to click the ‘Buy’ button when they have access to your contact information in case they need it. Customers can also reach you through social media. Create a space on your website where they can find links to Facebook and Co.

09. Encourage your customers

It is a great way to make a good impression by encouraging your customers right before they make a purchase. As they add items to their cart, you can compliment them by saying “You made a great choice!” After they are done shopping, you can thank them by saying: ‘Thanks so much! Your items are on the way to your home.’ This small detail can make a big impact on your customers.

10. Show that your site is secure

Online store owners should make security a priority. This is something that many visitors worry about. They want to be able to shop online with confidence knowing your site is secure. This can be achieved by adding an icon to your shopping cart page. This will instantly calm shoppers’ fears.

Wix Store users automatically get the “SSL Secure Shopping” icon on their checkout pages. There is nothing you need to do except watch your sales increase.

11. Show Your Policies (Cancellation, Delivery, Refund)

To avoid customers being unhappy, be upfront about your policies. Clients will also see that your company is trustworthy and honest. It doesn’t matter if it’s your cancellation policy, refund policy, return policy, or delivery policy, make sure it is available. FAQ page will be the best way to clearly display these details. Customers may feel deceived if this information is not disclosed. If they don’t have the necessary information, they will likely not complete their transaction.

12. Describe the remaining steps in the Checkout Process

How many times did you abandon a checkout due to the 100 items required? Your customers want to know where they stand in the checkout process before making a purchase. Your customers will be more motivated to complete the checkout process if you display a progress bar and explain the remaining steps. Wix also has your back on this one. The steps to help customers place a order are well-defined. The entire process, from the delivery details to your credit card number is laid out. Now you can relax and watch your orders stream in after you have implemented these tips on your eCommerce website.

source https://www.wix.com/blog/ecommerce/2018/09/web-design-tips-ecommerce-website

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